Dealing with Tenants that Can’t Pay Ren‪t‬

To join Ken McElroy’s Newsletter, follow this link: — Join Ken McElroy in a conversation with Jason Hartman as they discuss various ways that both landlords and the government can be helping tenants that are unable to pay rent, including a discussion on the topics of universal basic income. — The conversation continues on […]

How to Raise Money From Investors?

“How do I raise money from investors?” I truly believe that you do this simply by surrounding yourself with the right people and finding a good investment.

Ken’s Favorite Market Research Tools

One of the most important factors of long-term success is to always keep learning. While real estate investing operates around some consistent fundamentals, it’s still affected by external circumstances. That’s why it’s always important to know current market trends, new laws, and any other shifts in the economy that can affect your bottom line. Many of you have been curious as to what resources and market research tools I use in order to stay current, so here they are. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand everything you read right away. Education is a process that rewards persistence.

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