4 Things You Can do to Make a Difference this Christmas

When it comes to the holidays, I try and write what is on my mind and in my heart. During the holidays, I realize how blessed I am. Blessed with family and fortunate to be able to do nice things for others. I encourage those of you that are in a fortunate position to do the same. Below, are some things I have done over the years that I believe are really impactful, and I encourage you to try one or two of them this season. You still have a couple of days left before Christmas. Plenty of time to do some good in the world. Also, please write back and let us know what you do in your community to make a difference. We always love hearing about what our members are doing to give back, and we are a community here at KenCom.  

 Idea 1: Help a Family In Need

During the holiday season that family that you know that is living paycheck to paycheck could really use your help. Whether you offer to buy gifts, bring over food, or even give them some cash a little goes a long way this time of year. As we discuss on our YouTube Channel, inflation is really hurting those living paycheck to paycheck and we all need to keep that in mind this holiday season.  

 Idea 2: Layaway 

 Many people put items in layaway each year. Parents have good intentions to pay for their child to have a bike, or some other item, but then life happens and they just don’t have enough money to pay it off before Christmas. Stopping by your local K-Mart, Walmart, or Target and finding out who has items in layaway and what those items are. When you find an order with toys go ahead and pay it off for them. You’ll make a Childs Christmas.  

 Idea 3: Grocery Store Gift Cards 

I always like to get gift cards at my local grocery store. I simply walk around and hand them out to families. Sure, I don’t know if they can afford Christmas dinner or not, but either way, I know they can use the gift card and they are appreciative of it.

 Idea 4: Tip Well 

 If you’re being honest with yourself, most people who are working lower-wage jobs could use the extra cash for Christmas. Regardless of whether they are struggling or not, an extra tip can go a long way. If you get good service this month, really reward that, you can easily make someone’s day just by throwing in a little extra gratuity. 

Remember part of getting is giving back. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and let’s make 2023 the best year yet!  

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