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Eric Freeman is a Principal and Real Estate Practice Leader for BeachFleischman PLLC, one of Arizona’s largest locally-owned CPA firms and a Top 200 CPA firm in the U.S. Eric has a Master of Accounting with a focus in tax. His fascination with real estate began as a student at the University of Arizona, where he worked at the campus bookstore and soon found himself reading all of the finance and real estate books he could get his hands on, including several by Ken McElroy. He quickly decided that he wanted to specialize in real estate taxation, a passion that continues to this day.

Eric has applied this focus on real estate to his own investment portfolio. Eric explains, “I felt that to truly advise, I had to be a real estate investor to understand not only the tax ramifications, but the business itself. As soon as I graduated in 2012 with my Masters of Accounting and a focus on taxation, I began buying real estate.” He continues, “To this day, I handle the acquisition, management, financing and all other aspects related to owning real estate. It’s this direct experience in the industry that I believe allows me to understand my clients’ successes and challenges and enables me to advise my clients.”

As the leader of BeachFleischman’s real estate segment, Eric has worked with clients at all different levels, from beginning investors all the way up to large developers and syndicators. He has guided his clients through 1031 exchanges, recapitalizations, partner buy-outs, cost segregation studies, international taxation, involuntary conversions and many other complex transactions. Eric has also written for numerous publications on real estate taxation, including The Trend Report, Phoenix Business Journal and many others.

Eric Freeman, CPA, MAcc
Principal and Real Estate Practice Leader
Direct Dial: 520.321.4600

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