Rich Dad Latino

​La persona promedio obtiene su flujo de efectivo de un trabajo de nueve a cinco. Este escenario es exactamente lo contrario de ser financieramente libre, porque el flujo de efectivo proviene de depender de un trabajo al que tiene que ir todos los días para recibir un pago. La libertad financiera se logra mediante la […]

ABCD Matrix

In evaluating new acquisitions and ground-up construction deals, my team and I consider what types of returns we can expect and generally frame them in terms of 4 types, which I call “The ABCD Matrix.” Enter your information below to understand what The ABCD Matrix is and how it can help you on your investing journey.

How to Find the Right Partner

When new investors get started, they want to do everything themselves. They are either concerned about the cost or they feel they are not at the point where they need a team. You need a team from the beginning. It is the first step.

The biggest test you’ll ever face.

Let me tell you a story. One evening I was looking through viewer emails and one particular email caught my eye. It wasn’t someone looking for advice. It wasn’t someone who wanted to invest with me. It was a 13-year old kid named Steven. He wrote me a lengthy story about how he wasn’t doing […]

How to Invest Your Money in Your 20s

How to Invest Your Money in Your 20s (with Money Honey Rachel) How DO you get started with real estate in your 20s? Do you REALLY need lots of money to get started? Join Ken McElroy and Rachel Richards, author of Money Honey, in a discussion about how to be a real estate investor your […]

Scaling Up Your Real Estate Investments

So you may be at the point where you own one or two investment properties and you’re itching to jump in and get started on a new one. But when newer real estate investors are in the process of growing their portfolio, they can quickly overwhelm themselves. Sure, they’ve met their goal of building their…...

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Apartment Construction

Building new multifamily units from the ground up as an investing strategy Join Ken as he talks with his long term business partner Ross McCallister about building multifamily apartment units from the ground up.