Real Estate Side Hustles to Help You Through the Recession

In this kind of economic environment, you always want a side hustle. No one’s job is completely secure and as inflation increases, the extra income is helpful in order to get ahead financially. A true side hustle has to meet these criteria.

  1. Need to get paid right away

  2. Can be repeated

  3. Be able to grow and scale 


Since we talk about real estate on our channel, I wanted to provide you with some side hustles in the real estate sector where you can build skills that can help you once you are an investor.

Side hustle suggestions: 

1. Handyman
If you are a person that likes to fix and repair things, this is the hustle for you. This side hustle gives you the flexibility to set your own schedule, work with customers and subcontractors that you choose, and set your own pricing. I usually pay my handymen and women $75/hr, and they have a 2-hour minimum.

Being a handyman is recession-proof. There are always things that will break and there are always people like me that can’t fix them. You can advertise this on Craigslist, Task Rabbit, and Nextdoor.


2. Airbnb Interior Designer
If you have the skill set and the eye for decorating. You can turn an average property into something extraordinary. Focusing on Airbnb and other furnished rentals. Remember that you can work on the floors, ceiling lights, wall decorations, living room, or dining room, there are many affordable ways that you can create stunning interiors. Even properties that don’t offer the best location can still feel like a first-class rental simply executing these savvy styling strategies. The fees may vary, but you can start low and as you build your prices as you grow.
3. Real Estate Wholesaling
Wholesaling real estate is the perfect way to get your feet wet in real estate investing. Wholesaling requires looking for properties that are not listed for sale and talking to the owners about selling their property off-market. By acting as the middleman, wholesalers generate income by helping real estate investors find and close deals.

4. Become a Notary

In this side hustle, you can charge $75 just to verify signatures. Just remember that each state has its own requirements for becoming a notary, generally, you must be 18 years old with a high school education. Some states require written exams or other training, just make sure that you can comply and are qualified. This is a great side hustle as you can verify multiple signatures in a day.

5. House Sitting

This is a great job for those of you who live in a snowbird area. Most snowbirds stay at their homes for about three months out of the year, then the other nine months the home sits vacant. When that happens, people hire “house sitters” to come in, and make sure the property has no leaks, the appliances are working, the pipes aren’t freezing, and everything is running smoothly.

6. House Hacking
You heard of a life hack, now it’s time for a house hack! A lot of homeowners nowadays are using this to cover their housing expenses and it’s a great side hustle. House hacking is renting out the spare rooms in your home to help cover your expenses. What’s more, this could turn your home into a source of passive income.


Establishing an additional income stream via a side hustle is challenging for most people because it requires turning an idea into an income-generating activity. Make it easier for yourself by choosing something in your current field or something you’re passionate about. After all, the dream is free, the hustle is sold separately. Happy hustlin! 

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