What should real estate investors be paying attention to in 2023-min

4 Things You Need to be Watching in 2023

2023 is a pivotal time in the real estate market. The correction that should have occurred in 2020 is upon us. Since they shut down the economy in 2020, real estate should have declined in value, but low interest rates and the government pumping money into everyone’s hands created a huge asset bubble that has been increasing until now. 
Now with the economy slowing and the federal reserve continuing to raise rates, we are going to see a slowdown in real estate and declining prices. This isn’t the first downturn I have been through and I can speak through experience. Not all downturns are the same, they all have different catalysts, but they are all similar.
In this video I break it all down and tell you what I see happening in 2023 and how you should react to it. 

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