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  1. Very cool! This is the first Happy Hour I’ve seen. Really enjoying it so far. I’m already glad I signed up for the inner circle membership (I used the Limitless discount). I like your idea of looking for new job-providers in an area—for example, which places are putting in a new Amazon warehouse or a new tech company, etc?—and then that will cause people to want to move to that area. I like learning from your experiences; I’ve heard the story about the toilet in front of the fireplace and it’s always funny, to me. I know there is some repetition from Robert, but I am 100% ok with that especially since I’m new to real estate. I can’t find the video now, but there were some terminology videos that I started to watch, and even after watching 5 times, I was still a little confused about the terms until I actually wrote notes on paper, and then seeing the notes made my brain work. So then I switched to this video, figuring it would be easier for me to understand and listen to. I am one of those people who has “less than 1,000 dollars in the bank” and in fact I have 99 dollars right now! So I’m still a little confused as to how much money is needed, for that very first property (thinking about a 3- or 4-plex where I live in one and rent out the other(s)), but I think that question of how the heck to actually DO this will clear itself up as I continue to watch the videos and read the books. I’m kind of thinking that talking to an attorney like Sutton and setting up an LLC might be the first step (and then getting a business credit card so I can start writing off all these educational expenses as business-related)?

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