The Top 4 Ways the Pandemic Shook Up Real Estate

The shifts over the past two years can’t be overstated. The real estate market has been drastically impacted in ways that would have been unimaginable two years ago. Mortgage rates below 3 percent? Buyers waiving appraisals? Boise, Idaho becoming unaffordable? These are things that were inconceivable two years ago, but now they’re reality. Let’s dive…...

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Cash is King

Cash is king moving forward. Let me repeat cash is going to be king in the next 12 months. Here is why. Banks want to lend, it is in their nature. The problem is if people are out of work or just starting a new job, or are behind on bills the bank cannot lend to them.

Fear of Missing Out….

I have been seeing the fear of missing out a lot lately on the private forum that I host each week. (Click here to join.) People have become so fixated on not missing their opportunity to buy, that they’re itching to buy right now when prices have only gone down by a few thousand dollars. I keep […]