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Mauricio here. And today we're going to talk about the difference between a 506B and a 506C exemption. Now this is pretty technical and this is as technical as I'm going to get. So don't worry about moving forward. But prior video, we talked about the definition of a syndication of definition of a security. And we went over the fact that once you realize that you're in the business of issuing securities, meaning you're doing a syndication, that there was really three things we needed to worry about. If you guys remember number one is we have to either register the security with the SEC, or number two, we had to find an exemption to registration or number three, it was illegal, right? And so we didn't want to do a registration and we didn't want to do something illegal. And so we're always looking for an exemption and 506B and 506C are simply two of the most popular exemptions that are out there.

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