Tax Simplified with Advisor Eric Freeman

Ken McElroy Advisor Eric Freeman is a Tax Senior Manager for BeachFleischman PC, one of Arizona’s largest locally-owned CPA firms and a Top 200 CPA firm in the U.S. Eric has a Master of Accounting with a focus in tax.

Syndication & Investors with Advisor Mauricio Rauld

Ken McElroy Advisor Mauricio Rauld, Esq. is sharing tips on Syndication & Investors. Mauricio is the founder and CEO of Premier Law Group, a premier boutique securities law firm. As a nationally recognized expert on private placements, Mauricio works with elite entrepreneurs who seek to increase and protect their wealth through syndications

Construction Basics

Includes 3 Lessons John Krauss, VP of Construction for MC Companies discusses the people needed to evaluate and plan a construction site. Determining the architects, engineers, your acquisition people for going out and finding the proper property in the right area and determining what you’re going to build and how the next step after forming […]

Deal Series

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Goals: How to Make Them, Meet Them, and Exceed Them You have to start with your goals. Most people want to breeze by this part of success, but correctly making your goals is where success begins. Almost any successful person you know has had clear goals with clear ways to measure them. In this series, […]

New Year New You

This is the year you are going to take control of your decisions and your future. In this series, Ken has you take a look at your own life. What are your goals and priorities this year and what are you going to do to make sure those goals are met? This series is a […]

Cashflow Series

All About Cashflow. Everyone wants to be a successful real estate investor, but you won’t be able to do that unless you understand how the cash works. In this series, Ken helps you understand what cashflow is, how to calculate it, and why the cashflow strategy is the best strategy when investing in real estate.

Curso magistral

Organícese y motívese. Piense en las razones por las que quiere aprender a invertir en bienes raíces. ¿Es para ayudar a tu familia? ¿Es para proporcionar educación a sus hijos o para su propia jubilación? ¿Es simplemente para darle tranquilidad sobre su futuro financiero? Cualquiera sea la razón, comience a pensar en lo que lo […]