Are You a Victim or a Warrior?

I was having dinner at Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s house last week with some friends and a young, college-aged man named Austin. Robert looked at him square in the eye, as Robert does, and asked him, “In life, are you going to be a victim or are you going to be a warrior?”

Austin was interested in what Robert meant by that. Robert went on, “In life, you will have bad things happen to you. It’s unavoidable. You will either break down and become a victim to that circumstance or push through it and become a warrior. It’s up to you to decide.”

I’ve thought a lot about what Robert said and I realized that in my own life, I have pushed through many hurdles to get where I am today. I grew up poor and my parents didn’t have any connections that could help me get a job. I wasn’t raised with any knowledge about how to invest. I could have remained poor and said that I was a victim of my own circumstances, but instead I pushed through. I wrestled in high school and worked really hard to get a full ride to college. I became an apartment manager and worked really hard to understand the business. I then started my own management company and later began doing my own deals. None of that was easy. I had to have a warrior mentality to get where I am today. I couldn’t fall victim to my circumstances; I had to change them.

Robert’s words hit me because they’re true. You have to decide if you are going to be a victim within your own life or if you are going to be a warrior and push through obstacles to achieve what you want to become.

Only you can decide. Are you a victim or are you a warrior?

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