Can Social Media Benefit Your Investments? with Ryan Pineda

Join Ken McElroy and famed house flipper, Ryan Pineda, in a discussion about using social media to benefit your real estate investments, increase publicity, and allow the money to come to you.

Speaker 1:           Welcome to the real estate strategies podcast. This is a show where we get into all things real estate, with some of the industry’s top leaders, innovators, and movers and shakers. This is a place where we’ll get into the trends, the how tos and the nuts and bolts of real estate investing. I’m your host, Ken McElroy. If you want to get my weekly newsletter, where we keep the conversation going on, the topics that we cover here, please go to www.kenmcelroy.com/news. Let’s dive into this episode. [00:00:30] All right. Hey guys. So today’s guest is Ryan pinata and he knows his social media. Let’s say he’s got 116,000 subscribers on YouTube, a hundred thousand on Instagram, 600,000 on Tik TOK. He’s a master of flipping wholesaling buying rentals, and he’s got a big Academy called social media influencer AF cademy welcome, Ryan. Welcome.

Speaker 2:           Hey, happy to be on again, man.

Speaker 1:           [00:01:00] So, Hey, listen, listen, you know, like I, I, I’m so happy. I’m so glad to have you out here. Cause I like resisted social media. You have no idea. My team here just laughs at me, you know, cause I’m an old dinosaur compared to you. Um, so, so you know, H how could people use social media to benefit them? Because you have mastered this and done a great job.

Speaker 2:           Yeah. You know, I, we were talking before this and you said you just started your YouTube, you know, last year and you’ve got over [00:01:30] 250 fat, like that’s insane. You know, you’re absolutely crushing it. So, uh, just keep it out for you. Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing. That’s working. Just teach, right? Yeah. Just teach. So for everyone else, man, I truly believe that there is no better ROI on your time or marketing spend than social media. And I don’t care whether you have a business or not. I mean, if you don’t have a business, you can make a ton of money on social media and that is your business. Or if [00:02:00] you do have a business, social media is just going to amplify it so much.

Speaker 1:           Yeah, it’s true. I know. Um, you know, for me, you know, we’ve like, I’ll, I’ll give you a great example. And the team here will, will tell you it’s the truth. I, you know, I was buying buildings by, you know, flying around doing my deal and had a little bit of posting here and there, and then COVID hit. And we said, okay, I gotta be all in. Cause we’re closed. You know, basically we’re, we’re in a lockdown. [00:02:30] And, uh, a month ago, Tony Robbins sent an email because of the social media said, Hey, would you come down and speak at our wealth mastery? And I was like, well, how the heck did he, well, it’s all through social media. So sometimes when you’re putting good content out, you know, uh, you just don’t know where it’ll go. Right?

Speaker 2:           Yeah. I mean, similar thing happened for me. Um, a couple months back, Forbes reached out to me and they’re like, Hey, we seen your social media. Um, you know, we [00:03:00] got our Forbes online college. We want you to make a house flipping course for our college. And I was like, really like, why me? You know, I’m a good house. So, but I am by no means the best. I’m not the most experienced, you know, whatever. They’re like, well, we have the best presence on social media and that was it. Like, you know, and I’m like, man, I get to be Forbes’s house slipping instructor because I just have a social media. Like, that’s pretty cool.

Speaker 1:           It’s very cool. And, and that’s kind of what I’m saying. You know, sometimes you, [00:03:30] you drop that pebble in the water and it creates these processional effects, you know, and next thing you know, you don’t even know who’s watching them and you know, and, and probably like you, I run into people, uh, even this weekend, they’re like, Hey, you know, you’re that guy that does the real estate videos. And I’m like, Whoa, you know, it’s crazy to me. I mean, obviously my kids, they, you know, it’s pretty normal to them, but for me, it’s this completely blows my mind.

Speaker 2:           Yeah. Even, yeah. I, I travel a lot, [00:04:00] you know, I’m going to Phoenix this weekend to speak on social media at a real estate event. Um, but yeah, I, even when I travel every time I go to the airport or something, somebody recognizes me and it’s still crazy. Cause I don’t even feel like I’m that big, you know, you think about celebrities and athletes and actors and actresses. I’m like, those are the people, you know, people recognize. But I think you’re going to see this shift these next few years where the YouTubers, [00:04:30] the influencers that tick talkers, they’re the famous ones. Like they have more recognition than the celebs and athletes,

Speaker 1:           But I completely agree with you there. So, so I know a lot of people feel silly about social media. You know, I certainly was there, I’m a firm believer now, um, you know, w how much, you know, in your opinion, how, how often should you be posting? How should, how should you be using it?

Speaker 2:           There’s a lot of things to look at right. First is like, what platforms do [00:05:00] you want to be on? That’s the first question you get an answer because, uh, there’s so many, um, and they all have different demographics. They have different styles of content. And what I would say is for me, um, I think tick talk is the easiest to start on and grow. I think you can have organic growth, like no other platform. Um, and then the beauty is with those tech talks, you can use them on the other platforms. You can put them on Instagram and you’ll get traffic on Instagram. You could put them on YouTube. [00:05:30] Um, YouTube just rolled out a new thing called YouTube shorts, which is their clone of Tik TOK. Everyone’s copying Tik TOK right now because they’re like the hot new kid on the block. So I think tick talk is the easiest.

Speaker 2:           And I also think it’s kind of where content is headed. People have short attention spans. So, you know, a Tik TOK is like very easy to consume and hit that dopamine. Um, and I mean to me though, if I had to say, what’s most powerful, it’s YouTube. It’s not even close YouTube [00:06:00] to me has the most, um, like the most loyal followers. I think it has the best ability to convert traffic into sales for whatever your business is. Um, the reality is though YouTube is really hard. Um, you know, that, I know that, you know, making videos longer videos, editing, it’s much more difficult than tech talk.

Speaker 1:           Yeah, totally, totally agree with you there. So, so guys, we’re going to take a quick break. We’ll come backward [00:06:30] and talk about some of the biggest social media mistakes that most people make. Stay with us.

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Speaker 1:           Talk a little bit about [00:08:00] some of the social media mistakes people use. It’s funny. I was talking to somebody just this morning and she’s like, Hey, your social media is doing great. You’re using it exactly the way that you should be. Because when I first got on social media, I was like, I don’t want people to know where I am. I don’t want, you know, I don’t want to know them to know I’m on vacation. And, you know, I don’t really want them to know where I live or anything like that. So I was kind of resistant. Um, you know, what are some mistakes that you’ve seen people make? And, you know, cause I know, you know, [00:08:30] it seems like it’s a lot of vanity out there, but you’ve done a fabulous job getting investors, finding deals, promoting your business. So how do you use it and differently not to be too critical, but you know, some of these people, it doesn’t look like they’re doing it for any other reason, other than ego.

Speaker 2:           Yeah. You know, that’s the tough thing, right? Like, um, you see a lot of people flexing and you know, doing these things, look there, you definitely have to flex a little bit to show credibility, right? Like, you know, you’re gonna be [00:09:00] like, yo, I bought a thousand units here. Cause you did, you know, and that’s why you should listen to me. Um, and that’s why your channel’s grown so much, you’ve done so much. And people know that if you never talked about all the deals you did, you know, people are like, why am I following this guy again? So you do have to show some credibility, but it shouldn’t always be all. Look at me, I’m the best look. I’m just always doing deals. It should be about adding value to the viewer. So every piece of content I make, I think about how will this [00:09:30] add value to the person watching this?

Speaker 2:           Is this just about me? You know, trying to flex or am I adding value in some type of way? And so every video, okay. I might talk about a flip that we made a lot of money on, but I’m going to tell you how we did it. And I’m going to tell you how we found the deal, what lessons I learned, all that stuff. And then I’m gonna show you the profit. And then, you know, I’m going to redirect you to my business also and be like, Hey, if you wanna learn how to do this, follow me. And so it’s like a, win-win all the way around, Hey, you got value. You believe it. [00:10:00] And if you want to learn more, we have this as well.

Speaker 1:           Right? Yeah. I think that, you know, there’s some people that really focus on the sales side and um, you know, and then there’s some people that focus on the teaching and the learning side. And I think people are okay with you dropping in something, you know, uh, some, some cred. But, um, the truth is, um, if, if it’s too salesy, it’s been my experience, you know, uh, they click right off. [00:10:30] But if you teach, if you’re teaching them, like you said, adding some kind of value, if it’s you make it about them, uh, it’s a win-win right?

Speaker 2:           Yeah. I think you have to just have the balance, right? Because yeah, obviously we all know the salesy guy just sale sale. You just can feel it the whole video. This guy’s just selling me like that guy. He flames out. You don’t want to be that guy, but also too on the learn, learn, learn side. It’s also not good because most people don’t know the next step, even if you’re telling [00:11:00] them, Hey, here’s how you do it. Okay, great. I just watched that video. Like, I don’t really know what to do. Like I understand how to evaluate a deal or find a deal, but like he didn’t tell me what to do after that. And so I think you have to have this balance. And for me, just the way that I always pitch my stuff is always just very subtle. It never is like the whole video by any means, like, I’m going to give you value 95% and Oh, by the way, if you’re interested, go check it out. [00:11:30] No big deal. Right.

Speaker 1:           Right, right. Right. So, so I know that you flipped hundreds of homes, you’ve got thousands and thousands of followers on all your social media stuff and, and you now have a course that people can get when they want to learn more. Um, you know, what’s the name of that course. And what does it go over and how do people find out about it?

Speaker 2:           Yeah. So if you go to Ryan paneda.com, you can see all of our stuff. Um, all my companies, all my products and this course we’re talking about is called my social media influencer [00:12:00] Academy. And, um, it’s, it’s just something that I created after. So many people asked me how I built my following. Right. I just kept getting asked over and over like, okay, well, how should I do talk? How do I make the YouTube channel? Like, why did yours grow so quick? And I got tired of answering it. So I was like, all right, I’m just going to make a course for everything. And, um, it’s, it’s been really good. Tons of people have gone through it. And, um, some have more followers than me now on, on all these things, um, just [00:12:30] from what they learn. So it’s really good. And I think it is the only course that covers like everything because, uh, I’ve taken other courses where it’s like, Hey, here’s a YouTube. Here’s how to do a YouTube channel. And that’s great. I’ve taken tech talk ones, but um, very few people have, have built a presence across all platforms.

Speaker 1:           Yeah. Yeah. Good, good, good. So Ryan, obviously you’ve had a massive success here during the pandemic and obviously before that, but what’s next [00:13:00] for you?

Speaker 2:           So the big thing for me is the fund. Um, we were talking about that on a previous episode. Uh, I, I really want to get, uh, I actually, I just want to be like you, I just want to buy a lot of big buildings and you know, you know, really, it’s one of those things. It’s social media again, because I have so many, you know, now that you built build influence, um, it’s easy to raise money. And for us we’ve always been good at operations and finding deals. And, [00:13:30] um, social media also allows you to interact with the, the operators across the country who have deals who basically know of me. And they’re like, Hey Ryan, I know you got your fun. Like I got this really good deal. So I think it’s going to be this great way to really use social media at a high level. And I don’t know if that’s what you plan for it or, but that’s how I see it.

Speaker 1:           Yeah. That’s really good point. Yeah. So for us, as you know, we have a, let’s see, we have four construction projects, uh, about [00:14:00] 200 million and we have about seven 83 million in escrow right now. And, um, you know, when people want to invest with us, you know, obviously they have to, for us, they have to be accredited. But, um, it’s a great way to be able to talk about our deals and talk about our team and our due diligence and the processes. And because as you know, what happens is as you start to get the experience that you have, and I experienced it, I have, then what happens is money shows up, right? It’s [00:14:30] hard to find yeah. Money shows up.

Speaker 2:           Yeah. I want to invest in your deals when, uh, you know, we get this fund that that’s one of our things is we’re going to try and be a fund to funds. So, um, I just want to invest in other people’s deals, let them do what they do well with being an operator and managing projects. And I’ll raise the money and evaluate the deals, uh, friggin talk about them on social media and then it just, yeah. Over and over. Yeah.

Speaker 1:           That’s next level stuff guys. And that’s the fact of when you start with one [00:15:00] and then you have, then you got two and then all of a sudden you create your system and you, and, and you, you know, I know you, you poured yourself into learning from other people and there’s lots of ways to learn. And I do the same thing. And the next thing, you know, you’re the guy people are giving money to, and you’re, you’re the, you’re the guy that people are, the deals are coming to. And it just happens that way. And, and if you just talk about it transparently and authentically online like this, uh, you’d be super surprised at, [00:15:30] um, at the ripple effects that come to you as we were talking about earlier. Right,

Speaker 2:           Right. It’s you know, I guess my, my big piece of advice with social media, as you just said, is transparency. As long as you’re being transparent, both good and bad about, you know, what you’re doing. Um, people are gonna respect you for it. They’re going to want to work with you for it. Like I said, not look showing what you do wrong is a very valuable, I talked about high loss, half a million dollars, you know, in our [00:16:00] other podcast on, on a bad deal. So it’s, and people can relate to that. Other people have lost money. I’m not invincible. I make mistakes.

Speaker 1:           Yep. Yeah, for sure. For sure, Ryan. Well, great has always, it’s great. Great to, uh, to meet you and, and I love watching your stuff and, and for, uh, for those of you that want more information, we’ll have it here in the video and we’ll have all this information here. You can just click on the information below and go, uh, go check out Ryan Panetta [00:16:30] and Ryan as always thank you so much for your time and, and good luck to you, man.

Speaker 2:           Thanks for having me on Ken. Appreciate you.

Speaker 1:           Yeah. What a great episode. I hope you learned something new from today’s guest for full show notes. Check out Ken maquarie.com. If you enjoy the episode, then jump on iTunes, subscribe and leave a five star review. Also, if you can check me out at Ken McElroy official on Instagram for daily real estate advice, see you [00:17:00] next week. This podcast is a part of the C-suite radio network for more top business podcasts, visit C suite radio.com.

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