What Does it Mean to be Free?

What is Freedom Really?

I hope you had a great 4th of July. I want to dive into what freedom means to you this holiday weekend. I think as Americans we toss around the word free, but never really unpack what it means to be free. Sure we have liberties in this country, but working a 40 plus hour-a-week job just to scrape by isn’t freedom to me. Freedom to me has nothing to do with being wealthy and everything to do with your time. We all have obligations, but having the time to do things you love with people you love is truly freedom.

However, the freedom of time requires money. That is where the challenge comes in. People assume they have to trade time for money, so you can’t really have freedom of time if you’re being paid on an hourly or salary basis. In order to have money and time you need passive income. Income that comes in when you’re not directly working for it. There are a lot of ways people produce passive income, but my favorite way is through real estate. To me cash flowing real estate is true freedom. If you want to learn more about starting in real estate Click Here.

Ready to Have the Freedom of Your Time and Your Money?

When I first started in real estate, I made a ton of mistakes. I was fresh out of college and I had no idea how to get started. But all success is built on failure, and I’ve learned the secrets of finding hidden profits most investors miss. Let’s get started on your real estate investment journey. Click the link below to purchase my Real Estate Investing Master Course!

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