You Need a Financial Education

Do you ever wonder why the education system doesn’t teach you how money works? Most people assume the system just needs to be updated to include this part of the curriculum, but the truth is they don’t teach you because they don’t want you to know. Let me break it down, the general education system is run and funded by the government, and the government benefits if you don’t understand money. This is because on both sides of the aisle when policies are made they don’t really want you to understand how the policy will affect your finances.

A recent example of this is all of the free money that has been given out during the pandemic. Even though the lower and middle class were appreciative of the additional income, it had consequences if you were saving money, renting, or looking to purchase a home. This is because it created higher prices aka inflation. Most of the people who received the benefit of free money were also the same people that will be hurt by the inflation it created. You would have understood this if you were financially educated. You would also understand the act of free money actually helped the wealthy. This is because the wealthy have assets that move with inflation. We collect more money when our tenant’s rent goes up, our properties appreciate in value, and very little of our money is sitting in a savings account.

This is because wealthy people generally have a very good financial education. We understand how the system works and understand the system benefits us if we put our money into cash-flowing assets and the system hurts us if we put our money into a savings account. It is the opposite of what they teach you in school.

This is why a Financial education is so important. It is my life’s mission to make sure you get the financial education you deserve. I want you to move from the side that is hurt by inflation to the side that benefits from it. That is why I do the YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Courses, and newsletters. It is all to teach you how to be wealthy.

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