5 Ways to Deal with Home Quarantine

During this time when we are all doing our part by staying at home during the quarantine, we may find ourselves trying to figure out how to handle it all. There are five key ways that you can handle your home quarantine without fully losing your mind. By taking part in these five things, you can keep you and your families live as normal and steady as possible. When you have the right tools to visualize a situation, you can handle the situation in a better format.

Stay on Schedule

One of the most important things that you can do is stay on a schedule. It can seem plausible right now to throw away the schedule but staying on task is what will keep you the most productive during this time. Staying on schedule is also extremely important for your family as well. There are so many things that are already changing in the world and if you can keep your basic schedule in line, it can help things stay calm and centered at home. When you have a routine, you are overall less anxious.


Working out is a great way to deal with the stress of being quarantined at home. Now, while it is understood that the gyms have closed down and the Zumba classes just are not as fun without your best friend laughing with you, there are ways to handle this. Zoom calls with friends and family or facetime can be a great way to work out together during this time. Even with your own family in your home, wake up in the morning and turn on some music and dance together to shake some stress off of your shoulders and start your morning routine in a positive way.

Get Dressed

While we deal with being in-home quarantine, a majority of us may be tempted to ride this entire situation out in our pajamas. While this may be the comfiest option, it is actually not the best for your mental health and can actually be a factor in depression. When you get up in the morning, take a shower, get dressed and get ready to move forward with the day, you are giving yourself the best possible start. You will feel more prepared to face your day and be able to accomplish more than you would if you simply stayed in your pajamas all day.

Stay on Task

When you first get up in the morning, make a to-do list. This is a great way to prioritize what you need to get done in the day and give you an order in which to attack the daily tasks. Do not worry about making your list as long as you possibly can, stick to five things that you absolutely need to accomplish before the end of your workday and write them down. Writing them down will help you focus and stay on task rather than just going through the motions without a plan.


Appreciate the time that you have with family and the time that you get to be home. Do not only look at the negative aspects of this ordeal but try to pull the positive traits from how we interact with one another during this time. It may be stressful to be home with your family every hour of every day, but there are so many people in the world right now that are stuck in isolated quarantine away from their families, we must remember to appreciate the positions that we are in.


There are many ways to deal with home quarantine and different things will ultimately work for different people. You have to choose how you are going to handle this situation and take the advice where you can. These five things can be a laid out foundation that can help you begin on your journey to be a little bit more sane about everything that is going on in the world right now.

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