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My Novel, Return to Orchard Canyon

So many of you have come to this site, listened to my podcast, or watched my videos because you’re pursuing a new path toward financial freedom. I’ve long been inspired by all of you because it takes courage and determination to begin the work of building something new. Your choice to get out of your comfort zone has actually inspired me to write my first novel, Return to Orchard Canyon.

Return to Orchard Canyon follows three family members who are doing their best with what life has handed them. David, one of the protagonists, has recently lost his “secure” formerly lucrative day job when he brings his teenage daughter to visit his elderly father in David’s hometown of Sedona, Arizona. David is so embarrassed by his job loss that he asks his daughter not to tell his father. Despite David’s worries at the outset, Return to Orchard Canyon is ultimately about transforming your path and using life’s setbacks to discover what you truly want to do.    I didn’t expect this book to be so relevant to what is currently happening. A lot of us are facing uncertainty right now. Many of you have either experienced job loss or are worried about that possibility. Others who are still working don’t even know if their job is can last in this new economy and might be worried that it’s too late to switch careers. (Spoiler alert: it isn’t!)

Despite your fears and daily pressures, now is the time to set yourself on a new path. Educate yourself in order to navigate this new economy. I don’t necessarily mean getting an expensive degree. Be open to pursuing your own learning, and this will help you move down a new, transforming path. Return to Orchard Canyon is about this exact thing. While the book is fiction, it’s more than just your basic novel. It is a journey that will hopefully inspire new directions and new beginnings

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