Why I Started KenMcElroy.com… A Cause From The Heart

I was just asked at a charity event the other night if I was still running MC Companies. I replied, “Yes I am.” while laughing. I will tell you, I am pretty busy running MC Companies while also launching the learning platform KenMcElroy.com.

So why did I start this learning platform? That is a great question and when I asked I had to think about it for a while before coming to an answer. I started KenMcelroy.com because I genuinely want to help you establish wealth through real estate. Like a lot of you, when I started out I had no real estate knowledge and I wasn’t wealthy. It all began when I purchased and rented out my first condo.

Throughout the years I have seen many people who were 9-5 workers build real wealth for their retirement through investing in property. Some of them even retired from the passive income they obtained. Anyone can be a real estate investor with a little bit of education and I am here to teach you. Don’t assume this dream is too big. Acquiring properties is how I build my own wealth, but teaching others how to acquire properties is my life’s purpose.

Be Infinite, Ken

Ready to Become a Real Estate Investing Master?

When I first started in real estate, I made a ton of mistakes. I was fresh out of college and I had no idea how to get started. But all success is built on failure, and I’ve learned the secrets of finding hidden profits most investors miss.

Let’s get started on your real estate investment journey. Click to purchase my Real Estate Investing Master Course!

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