The Value of Face to Face

There’s no denying the necessity of being online for your business. Email marketing strategies and a strong presence on social media are basic requirements for any business that wants to thrive, but what about the role of meeting face to face? We’re emerging from a long period where meeting in person was basically impossible, and […]

Ken Answers Inner Circle Mail – July

Why does a property manager need a real estate license? – Liviu Ken: My cynical answer is that it’s because the city wants your money. However, while I don’t think it’s necessary in many situations, I can’t say that it’s overkill in every situation. The main reason for this requirement is because you’re handling tenants’…...

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AirBnb with NO MONEY Down! Podcast

Is there a way to get into real estate investing with no money down? Ken and Danille talk with Jorge Contreras about his experience with renting long-term properties and then offering them up on Airbnb. How do you get started? And what advice does Jorge have for beginners? AirBnb with NO MONEY Down! Podcast Transcription…...

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Looking Back on Limitless

Over one thousand investors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and people striving for financial freedom converged at the Westin Kierland resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, last weekend for Limitless: The Financial Freedom Expo. Attendees experienced over 50 speakers and over 60 exhibitors at a fun, dynamic, and informative event where new friendships were forged, and people got to soak…...

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Ken’s Favorite Resources

A lot of you have asked what resources and market research tools Ken uses in order to stay current, so here they are. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand everything you read. Education is a process that rewards persistence. Ken’s Favorite Resources Yield Pro Yield Pro is a national magazine with a focus on […]

What do you REALLY need to start in Real Estate with Justin Donald

I'm here with a good friend of mine, Justin Donald. So we met, uh, at a personal development seminar, actually, oddly enough, not that long ago, but our, you know, our friends, like we have all these mutual friends that we discovered. It's interesting. Cuz we were just sitting next to each other. We started talking and he's an entrepreneur he's been in tiger 21. He's had lots of businesses he's he uh, has a master course. He, he had a, um, masterclass and a and a book and he's uh, very, very entrepreneurial Justin.

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The Value of Debt

The Value of Debt The personal finance community has very different views of debt. Some believe debt is irresponsible and should be avoided. Others believe that debt is a powerful wealth-building tool that should be leveraged. Personally, I love debt, but not all debt. Certain debt. In my opinion, you can’t love or hate debt […]

The Five Biggest Mistakes Rental Property Owners Make

When you’re a rental property owner, it’s easy to make a mistake here or there. After all, you’re human. And you’re juggling a lot of responsibilities: making sure your tenants are happy, maintaining and upgrading the property, and looking for ways to improve the bottom line. Fortunately, a lot of mistakes can be easily rectified…....

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College towns offer excellent investment opportunities, but a lot of investors are apprehensive about the thought of college students as tenants. While it’s true that college students aren’t necessarily the tidiest demographic, the fear of out-of-control college students isn’t a reason to overlook an opportunity for a cash-flowing investment.

Protecting Your Rental Property From Disaster

One of the most important purchases you can make for your rental property is insurance. The process can feel a bit overwhelming and many property owners don’t find out what their policy actually covers until they need it. You never want to be in a situation in which you find out that something important isn’t…...

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Real Estate Professional Tax Benefits

Qualifying as a Real Estate Professional By default, as a real estate investor, you’re treated as a Passive Investor, which means that your deductions related to real estate may be limited. If you can, you want to get into the Real Estate Professional category so you can maximize your deductions when it comes to tax […]

Robert Helms on the Future of the US Housing Market

None of us can predict the future. But with his decades of real estate experience, Robert Helms is probably someone you’ll want to listen to. Host of the long-running Real Estate Guys Radio Show, Robert Helms has some keen insight on where he believes the housing market is going in America. Join Ken McElroy, Danille, […]

Avoid these mistakes

Ken McElroy has been in the real estate industry for 30+ years and has over $1 Billion in real estate assets. What makes someone successful in this industry? And what can you learn from his 30+ years of experience?

Syndication 506b 506c Mauricio Advisor

When syndicating for a deal, you have three options: register the deal with the SEC, find exemptions for the deal, or it’s illegal. 506B and 506C are the two most common exemptions for syndications, so let’s take a deep dive into the differences between the two and figure out which exemption is the best for […]

Best Way to Raise Money

Mauricio here. And today we're going to talk about the difference between a 506B and a 506C exemption. Now this is pretty technical and this is as technical as I'm going to get. So don't worry about moving forward. But prior video, we talked about the definition of a syndication of definition of a security. And we went over the fact that once you realize that you're in the business of issuing securities, meaning you're doing a syndication, that there was really three things we needed to worry about. If you guys remember number one is we have to either register the security with the SEC, or number two, we had to find an exemption to registration or number three, it was illegal, right? And so we didn't want to do a registration and we didn't want to do something illegal. And so we're always looking for an exemption and 506B and 506C are simply two of the most popular exemptions that are out there.

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The Crash is Coming

Robert Kiyosaki has been in the real estate investing business for years now. He’s been through the ups and downs of the real estate market cycles, so it’s safe to say that when Robert thinks something is bound to happen… you better believe him. Join Ken McElroy, Danille, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad author, Robert…...

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Is this a ZILLOW CRASH or a Housing Crash?

Zillow has stopped buying. What does this mean for the company? And is this part of a bigger trend for the housing market? Join Ken McElroy and Danille in a discussion about Zillow’s decision to stop buying and what it means for the rest of the economy. Danille:Hello, and welcome to the Ken McElroy’s show. […]

Getting Started in Real Estate? You NEED to know this…

Should you buy or pass? Use these four criteria to help guide you with your real estate decisions. Ken introduces the ABCD Matrix and explains why it is so important for your real estate decisions. In evaluating new acquisitions and ground-up construction deals, Ken and his team consider what types of returns we can expect and generally frame them in terms of 4 types, which I call “The ABCD Matrix.”

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Flips Don’t Work

After doing 600+ house flips, surely there is something to be learned. But is house flipping really the best way to financial freedom? And why has he turned to the BRRRR rental property strategy after all these years? Join Ken McElroy, Danille, and BiggerPockets’ Tarl Yarber in a discussion about quitting your job, flipping homes,…...

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Have Millennials Solved Affordable Housing?

With home ownership being out of reach for so many, a lot of people are turning to a new resource: each other. Amongst millennials especially, there is a new trend of friends pooling their resources to co-own property. Even before the pandemic, a lot of people were deciding that they’d rather enter into this arrangement…...

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Five Things to Look For in a Bookkeeper

As anyone who’s owned investment property knows, it’s a bit of an overstatement to call it “passive” income. Regardless of where you are in the investment process, there will always be work to do, even if you’ve delegated all of the heavy lifting to others. One area that will still require your attention to some…...

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The “Be Infinite” Approach

Are you a winner, a worker, or a victim?
That all depends on your mindset. In this download, I break down the “be, do, have” concepts and help you find the path to success.

You Need a Financial Education

Do you ever wonder why the education system doesn’t teach you how money works? Most people assume the system just needs to be updated to include this part of the curriculum, but the truth is they don’t teach you because they don’t want you to know. Let me break it down, the general education system […]

A Story is Worth a Thousand Words

Return to Orchard Canyon follows three family members who are doing their best with what life has handed them. David, one of the protagonists, has recently lost his “secure” formerly lucrative day job when he brings his teenaged daughter to visit his elderly father in David’s hometown of Sedona, Arizona. David is so embarrassed by his job loss that he asks his daughter not to tell his father. Despite David’s worries at the outset, Return to Orchard Canyon is ultimately about transforming your path and using life’s setbacks to discover what you truly want to do

The Real Estate Crash of 2021

A correction is coming to the real estate market and I expect to see it early next year. Each downturn is very similar to the next. We have high unemployment, and housing prices that are extremely inflated. Yet, people keep asking me, “how can you say it’s going to crash when prices are skyrocketing? If I keep waiting, I’m going to miss out on the buying opportunity!” So let me put a few things into perspective for you. This is a supply and demand issue. That is what inflates and deflates prices: inventory versus demand for housing

It Won’t Happen Here….

If you find yourself saying or thinking, “it won’t happen here,” I need to give you a reality check. Denial is not an investment tool. In fact, you can’t be a successful investor if you don’t understand market cycles. When a correction occurs, it generally happens everywhere in the country. Of course, some areas are affected more than others, but every city and every state is eventually affected.

Cash is King

Cash is king moving forward. Let me repeat cash is going to be king in the next 12 months. Here is why. Banks want to lend, it is in their nature. The problem is if people are out of work or just starting a new job, or are behind on bills the bank cannot lend to them.

Affordable Housing and Mobile Home Parks

I will tell you that affordable housing will become more and more of a need in the United States over time and this is definitely something you should understand and look into. That is potential here from owning a park to possibly even converting a mobile home into a rental.

Why now is the time to read The ABC’s of Buying Rental Property

If you are interested in obtaining a rental, then take the time to read my book “The ABC’s of buying Rental Property.” The next couple of years you may have the biggest buying opportunity you will see in your lifetime, so you need to be prepared. I wrote this book to prepare you with all of the in-formation you need to know when purchasing your first rental. I am going to help to prevent you from making the same mistakes new investors make and to maximize your investment.

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Building a Wealth Mindset | John MacGregor

Join Ken as he talks with financial planner John MacGregor about getting clear on your financial goals. John has extensive experience with a wide range of clients about transforming your mindset to secure your financial future. Check out his website here:

Apartment Construction

Building new multifamily units from the ground up as an investing strategy Join Ken as he talks with his long term business partner Ross McCallister about building multifamily apartment units from the ground up.

Real estate investing in smaller markets

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Join Ken as he speaks with Melissa Murphy about how to get started in your real estate investing journey. They talk about steps she took to start investing and then expand out to a broader discussion of smaller markets.   [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

How to lease during a pandemic

Join Ken as he speaks with Kelly Johnson, Vice President of marketing at MC Companies as she discusses what her and her team have done to confront that challenges of leasing apartment units during the restrictions caused by the recent health crisis. Transcript: (00:00): Hey everybody. It’s Ken McElroy with MC companies and the real […]

Tenant Screening

A Vacant Unit is Better than the Wrong Tenant I see this all of the time. Tenant’s not paying their landlords and the landlords having to jump through the hoops of evicting them. Normally, when I get into the conversation with people I find they needed to fill their vacant unit so they lowered their […]

Build wealth with your business real estate

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]To keep up with all of Ken’s latest activity be sure to sign up for his weekly newsletter at this link: Join Ken and Michael Bailey as they discuss ways to use business real estate to its full advantage. To learn more about Michael, visit his website at: [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Transcript:   (00:01): Welcome to the […]

Farm land as a real estate investment strategy…

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Join Ken and Phil Hinrichs as they talk about how investors and others can use farmland as a viable real estate investment strategy. To learn more about Rich and his company be sure to visit his website at : To keep up with all of Ken’s latest activity be sure to sign up for his […]

A Key Factor to Digital Marketing that most Companies Miss

Join Ken as he talks with the father and son team of Michael and Hunter Bailey. They cover why it is important to have a generationally diverse team particularly when it comes to digital marketing for your business. Michael and Hunter compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses that each brings to decision making for […]

Being a Real Estate Investor 101

Many people see investing in real estate as a way to generate cash flow, build up a nest egg and have tenants pay your mortgage for you. That’s a great strategy, but there’s a technique to it. It isn’t as easy as simply buying a property and renting it. Uneducated investing is how you get […]

Being a Landlord 101

The time is finally here. You’ve done the hard work of getting your investment property ready for tenants. The people looking at it are oohing and aahing at the upgrades you’ve made and they all seem friendly. When one of them wants to move in, you have a good feeling about them. In fact, you’re […]

Understanding a Marketing Wheel

Join Ken as he speaks with Kyle Wilson about his concept of a marketing wheel and how it fits into his overall strategy when promoting a brand. You can learn more about Kyle at his website:  

The Keys to Partnerships in Real Estate

Join Ken as he talks with his long term friend and partner, Ross McCallister about how they met and what has been the keys to their success over many years working together.

Choosing a financial advisor for your future

To get the download resource mention in the video you can go to this link: Join Ken as he talks with John MacGregor about the key elements when choosing a financial advisor.