Limitless Expo is back and better than ever! “What I love about the Limitless Expo is everyone here is ridiculously smart and they’re all sharing everything that they know with everybody else… My life is improving and my outlook is improving because I am surrounding myself with people who are way smarter than me.” — […]

4 Things You Can do to Make a Difference this Christmas

4 Things You Can do to Make a Difference this Christmas When it comes to the holidays, I try and write what is on my mind and in my heart. During the holidays, I realize how blessed I am. Blessed with family and fortunate to be able to do nice things for others. I encourage […]

Stories From Dubai

Stories From Dubai Once again I have been traveling halfway across the world. I guess when Deepak Chopra invites you to his retreat, you go. Even if this means going all the way to Dubai to do so. Luckily I have some crazy friends that joined me. Danille joked I was going to come back […]

Real Estate Side Hustles to Help You Through the Recession

Real Estate Side Hustles to Help You Through the Recession In this kind of economic environment, you always want a side hustle. No one’s job is completely secure and as inflation increases, the extra income is helpful in order to get ahead financially. A true side hustle has to meet these criteria. Need to get […]

Why Many Real Estate Investors Will Go Broke?

Why Many Real Estate Investors Will Go Broke The latest federal interest rate hike (the sixth in 2022) is starting to hurt everyone who borrows money or owes money in non-fixed debt.    With inflation the worst in decades and recession indicators red, we’ll go over some of the reasons why many real estate investors are […]

MC Companies has Stopped Using Hard Money to Close Deals

As of April 2022, MC Companies stopped using hard money to secure deals. At the time, many investors were questioning this practice as not going hard on the money made us lose out on some potential cash-flowing properties. However, this decision came from years of experience. Ross and I have been through turbulent markets before […]

How to Invest in a Shifting Real Estate Market

With so many people wondering what the real estate market is going to do next, every day I’m asked whether the market is going to crash, when it’s going to crash, and what to do when it crashes. I get why the market has so many people speculating. If you’re a newer real estate investor, […]

The Value of Face to Face

There’s no denying the necessity of being online for your business. Email marketing strategies and a strong presence on social media are basic requirements for any business that wants to thrive, but what about the role of meeting face to face? We’re emerging from a long period where meeting in person was basically impossible, and […]

Is Real Estate Still a Good Investment During High Inflation?

How to Invest During Periods of High Inflation As any of you know who’ve been to the grocery store or the gas pump recently, inflation is here and it’s affecting the price of almost everything. With rising costs, all of us have had the experience of not being able to buy the same items we […]

Investing Versus Expecting

For the past decade, if you bought a house, you could count on its value growing each year. If you owned a rental property, you could also count on the market value of the rent increasing each year. Thanks to the economy growing each year, you didn’t really have to know what you were doing…...

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Looking Back on Limitless

Over one thousand investors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and people striving for financial freedom converged at the Westin Kierland resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, last weekend for Limitless: The Financial Freedom Expo. Attendees experienced over 50 speakers and over 60 exhibitors at a fun, dynamic, and informative event where new friendships were forged, and people got to soak…...

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Is Getting A Real Estate License Worth It?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already closed your first deal or are making that a priority. One way that some investors give themselves an edge is by obtaining a real estate license. While the requirements vary from state to state, obtaining a real estate license usually requires taking a class and passing an exam. […]

Understanding Housing Cycles

The housing market may seem erratic and unpredictable, but the fact is, it always conforms to the same pattern of housing cycles that we’ve been seeing for almost 200 years. Even today, every housing cycle is comprised of four phases: recovery, expansion, hyper-supply, and recession. The duration of each phase of the housing cycle is…...

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The Mindset Shift That Changed Everything

          One of the best things about my job is that I’m constantly meeting new people. Frequently, I’ll meet people who haven’t bought their first rental property yet. Typically, they’ll introduce themselves and then follow up with a comment like, “I’m not really an investor, but…” And then we’ll proceed to have a conversation where […]

Ken’s Favorite Resources

A lot of you have asked what resources and market research tools Ken uses in order to stay current, so here they are. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand everything you read. Education is a process that rewards persistence. Ken’s Favorite Resources Yield Pro Yield Pro is a national magazine with a focus on […]

The Top 4 Causes of Buyer’s Remorse

If you’ve tried to buy a house recently, you know how stiff the competition is to get your foot in the door. With bidding wars, all cash offers, and homes going into escrow almost the instant that a “for sale” sign gets placed on the front lawn, buyers have been acting with lightning speed. In…...

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Are we heading into a depression?

Are we heading into a depression? Are we heading into another depression like the 2008 housing crash? Join Ken McElroy and Danille in a discussion about where the future of the US economy is heading…. This content is for Inner Circle Members only. View our Membership LevelsClick to Login...

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The Value of Debt

The Value of Debt The personal finance community has very different views of debt. Some believe debt is irresponsible and should be avoided. Others believe that debt is a powerful wealth-building tool that should be leveraged. Personally, I love debt, but not all debt. Certain debt. In my opinion, you can’t love or hate debt […]

How to House Hack Your Way to Real Estate Success

How to House Hack Your Way to Real Estate Success If you are someone who feels like owning real estate is out of reach, then you need to consider house hacking. House hacking is a great way to build a real estate portfolio. Not only do you get homeowner interest rates, but you also can […]

Are you ready to buy your first house?

The home buying process can be an exciting time, but there are some important things to know, like what documents you’ll need to provide, who pays for which closing costs, and what’s involved in your due diligence. So let’s test your knowledge on the buying process.


College towns offer excellent investment opportunities, but a lot of investors are apprehensive about the thought of college students as tenants. While it’s true that college students aren’t necessarily the tidiest demographic, the fear of out-of-control college students isn’t a reason to overlook an opportunity for a cash-flowing investment.

The Dollar Is Inflating, Here is How to Make it Benefit You

If you have turned on a television in the last two months you have probably heard the word inflation being mentioned. Inflation is basically a tax on the poor. These small but steady increases are making it harder for those that live paycheck to paycheck to get by. Yet, there is a way to make […]

What Does it Mean to be Grateful?

“Be Content with What You Have, but Never Who You Are” It is that time of the year, the holidays. During this time specifically, I think we go through the motions and state how grateful or blessed we are for our friends, family, and our prosperity. Yet, I think a lot of us throw the […]

Real Estate Professional Tax Benefits

Qualifying as a Real Estate Professional By default, as a real estate investor, you’re treated as a Passive Investor, which means that your deductions related to real estate may be limited. If you can, you want to get into the Real Estate Professional category so you can maximize your deductions when it comes to tax […]

Biggest Mistakes Syndicators Make

Whether it’s your first deal or your hundredth, there are some things that you need to avoid when syndicat­ing for your investments. These mistakes can range from being a major headache to a legal issue, so it’s important to keep these mistakes in mind and avoid them at all costs.

Capital Gains Real Estate

Did you know that one of the benefits of owning real estate is that some of the income you generate can be taxed at a lower rate? This is called a Capital Gains Tax, and it applies to assets that you hold for more than one year. Currently, the capital gains rate is about 20% depending on the scenario.

There are four major ways that you can benefit from these rates.

How Rent Control Actually Hurts Renters

With inflation and the cost of rent continually going up, you hear a lot of politicians today talk about rent control. Rent control limits the amount you can raise the rent on your tenants annually. When you get a new tenant it typically resets and you can once again charge market rent. Rent control sounds […]

Compromise where you can, and where you can’t, don’t.

Compromise is important. To work with a team or within a company requires compromise. In fact, that is why our culture at MC Companies is so highly rated. Ross and I are willing to work with our employees to get things done. Even in my personal life with my wife and kids, I am constantly compromising […]

Six Real Estate Opportunities You’re Probably Missing

These six types of real estate markets are what I call “sleeper” real estate. We spend a lot of time focused on real estate as it pertains to housing. While that’s certainly a huge part of the real estate market, you may not know there are a lot of ways to invest in real estate […]

You Need a Financial Education

Do you ever wonder why the education system doesn’t teach you how money works? Most people assume the system just needs to be updated to include this part of the curriculum, but the truth is they don’t teach you because they don’t want you to know. Let me break it down, the general education system […]

Ten Life Lessons on my Birthday

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend with my family and close friends. In my downtime,  I took some time to reflect on the year and put together some real estate and life lessons I have learned throughout my younger and now more wiser years. I hope you enjoy my top ten and make sure […]

How to Budget Your Money

If you’re not sure where your money is going, it’s time for a budget. A defined plan can help give you more control over how much and when to spend. With a budget, you can not only keep track of where your money is going but also have more control over the process. Without a […]

What Does it Mean to be Free?

What is Freedom Really? I hope you had a great 4th of July. I want to dive into what freedom means to you this holiday weekend. I think as Americans we toss around the word free, but never really unpack what it means to be free. Sure we have liberties in this country, but working […]

The Worst Cities to Invest In…

I have been discussing where you should invest quite a bit lately, but what I haven’t touched on are the cities I feel are the worst to be investing in right now. The reasons I don’t recommend investing in these cities are all unique but important. It may be people are moving out, or the […]

Don’t End the Fed Be the Fed

As many of you know I spoke this weekend in Miami for the Rebel Capitalist event hosted by George Gammon. When deciding what to speak about I took into account George’s saying of “End the Fed.” Sure, that would be great, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. However, what if instead of ending […]

Why I Started… A Cause From The Heart

I was just asked at a charity event the other night if I was still running MC Companies. I replied, “Yes I am.” while laughing. I will tell you, I am pretty busy running MC Companies while also launching the learning platform So why did I start this learning platform? That is a great question […]

How the FED is Altering the Housing Market

Hidden Forces in the Housing Market… As many of you are starting to realize (myself included) this isn’t your typical housing market bubble and crash. We have a loss of jobs, many people in forbearance, and many tenants and landlords behind on payments. Yet, the housing market is on fire. Why is this? Because the […]

When Will the Dam Break…

If you’ve been watching me for any length of time, you know I believe the government has built a dam and the water is about to start pouring over the edge. We have homeowners in forbearance, tenants months behind on rent, businesses applying for PPP money, and unemployment at a record high, but we are […]

Short Sales

If you’ve been considering an investment in real estate or buying a home, you may have found yourself looking at short sale listings. But what exactly is a short sale? A short sale occurs when a lender allows a homeowner to sell their property for less than they owed on the existing mortgage. This process […]

Tips for Maximizing Your Return…

There have been a lot of tax law changes from the new administration, so how you normally structure your tax write offs may not be the best way to do them this calendar year. Today, I am joined by Tom Wheelwright who is a very knowledgeable CPA and we are going to discuss all things […]

Working Through the Fear of Your First Deal

A lot of people don’t start their real estate journey because they are scared. They second guess themselves, overanalyze and miss out on great opportunities. I want to let you know that this feeling is normal, and that is why it is important to be educated, but equally as important to be confident in your […]

Are You a Victim or a Warrior?

I was having dinner at Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s house last week with some friends and a young, college-aged man named Austin. Robert looked at him square in the eye, as Robert does, and asked him, “In life, are you going to be a victim or are you going to be a warrior?” Austin was […]

How to Raise Money From Investors?

“How do I raise money from investors?” I truly believe that you do this simply by surrounding yourself with the right people and finding a good investment.

All About Taxes

While many of the events of last year were unpredictable and unprecedented, we’re now at the time of year when we need to address a very predictable and recurring event: paying your taxes. If you’re a real estate investor, there are numerous deductions you can claim, including some you may not be aware of.
Before I get into the particular deductions, my number one piece of advice is to hire an experienced CPA. While it may be tempting to save some money by doing your own taxes, real estate tax law is extraordinarily complex and you could easily wind up paying more than necessary. It will be well worth your time and money to hire a CPA to make sure you follow the best approaches for your deductions and you take advantage of all of them.

Scoping out the perfect short sale home

Finding the Right Short Sale Property
If you’ve been considering an investment in real estate or buying a home, you may have found yourself looking at short sale listings. But what exactly is a short sale? A short sale occurs when a lender allows a homeowner to sell their property for less than they owed on the existing mortgage. This process allows the lender and the homeowner to avoid the lengthy and costly foreclosure process. Unlike regular home sales, in a short sale, the lender is actually the one approving the sale

Secondary Markets Outperform Primary Markets

Primary markets as most of you know are suffering. What we are seeing is a lot of secondary markets by the big cities are heating up as the cities cool down. For example, as Washington DC cools, Virginia Beach heats up. Same with San Francisco -> Sacramento and Los Angelis -> Riverside. The truth is, these more expensive cities were already at their tipping point prepandemic. The pandemic only accelerated it.